Top 10 Dog Training Resources

Dog training is something we all have different opinions on.  To help with that we’ve scoured the net and came up with a “Top 10” list of dog training blogs to help you with your dog training needs.  The list is in no particular order and may be attached to sites for training facilities or products.  We are not affiliated with these businesses and are listing them strictly for their useful content.
Description: This website is full of tips on how to encourage good behavior in your dog and train them so that both pets and owners have a happy, healthy relationship. Sean O’Shea gives detailed advice based on personal experience on how to approach dogs with behavior problems, how to nip problematic behaviors in the bud, and general advice on how to train dogs to be friendly, obedient, and problem-free.

Phone Number: (818) 441+1837
Author Bio: Located in Los Angeles, California.  Blog Started “4” years ago.
Description: This blog has a variety of different topics, mostly centered around dog training, obedience, and behavior. The blog also has a lot of helpful information about being a responsible pet owner, such as what to feed your dog, what breeds to consider, and fun activities to do with your pet. Overall this blog has an emphasis on making sure that your dog is happy, healthy, and displays good behavior.

Phone Number: (615) 776-9663
Author Bio: Located in Nashville, TN.  Started “8” years ago. 
This website has a lot of useful information about dog training and behavior. The blog posts are written by a team of experienced professionals who emphasize hands-off training and positive reinforcement, with no physical punishment recommended. They also offer a variety of products to assist in the training process, such as treats, books, leashes, and more.

Contact Info:

Phone Number: (888) 258-6135

Description: “Creative Dog Training Blog is a place for dog lovers who want to learn more, have fun and stay up to date with the latest insights on dog care and training.” They offer information on new dogs, dog-care, tricks, behavior and fun. Their main focus is online training.
Contact Info:

Phone Number: (512) 618-8062
Author Bio: Located in Vestavia Hills, AL.

Description:  Also located in Leander, TX, this blog is part of a larger site that offers pet-sitting and pet-walking services. The blog focuses on helpful tips and tricks to encourage good behavior in dogs and making sure that your pets are happy and healthy. The blog posts cover a wide variety of topics related to dogs and dog-lovers, with advice and info for owners to use on themselves and their pets.

Contact Info:
Phone Number: (512) 618-8062
Author Bio: Located in Leander, TX. Started “9+” years ago.

Description: This website has a lot of helpful information about dog training and health, with blog posts about training dogs, book and product reviews, interviews with professionals, and helpful hints and tips about dogs. It also features how-to videos for dog training and a store selling durable 50-foot leashes. Readers can also sign up for online courses in order to learn more about dog training.
Contact Info: The contact tab on their website allows direct communication with Neil.

Description: This website offers many different pet products as well as helpful articles and blog posts about dog training. You can purchase treats, food, training supplies, leashes, collars, and much more, as well as online courses. The articles focus on a wide range of dog behaviors and focus on building a healthy relationship with your dog and training them to be responsive, obedient, and happy.
Contact Info: Just the contact tab on the blog page

Phone Number: (715) 235-6502
Author Bio: Located in Menomonie, WI. Started “12” years ago.
Description: This website offers videos, blog posts, newsletters, and a user forum all dedicated to dog training and behavior advice and general information about owning dogs. In addition, the site offers a variety of products for sale, including dog training eBooks, harnesses, treat pouches, and training clickers. The site was created by professional dog trainer Jeff Millman.

Contact Info:

Phone Number: (773)818-5570 says mobile
Author Bio: Located in Chicago, IL.  Started “9” years ago.
Description: The Whole Dog Journal has a wealth of information on a variety of topics, including puppy training and nutrition, dog food, dog training and behavior, dog health, senior dogs, and more. You can subscribe to the journal as well as purchase different informational books about dogs. In addition, many of the articles are free to access online, and have a lot of great information in them!
Contact Info:

Phone Number: (773)818-5570 says mobile
Author Bio: Located in Big Sandy, TX
Description: This blog contains a lot of helpful information about dog training and behavior. It has a variety of different post categories including choosing a dog, raising a puppy, manners and obedience, adult dog training, behavior, and more. Blog posts are informative and geared toward helping owners raise their pets to be happy and obedient members of the family.
Contact Info: Contact Page, and Social Media pages.
Author Bio: Located in Chicago, IL. Started “9” years ago.

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