How to Prepare for a Great Trip with Your Dog

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Bringing your canine companion along when you travel requires a little extra effort, but it can also make the whole trip a better experience. Just as dogs can make life more enjoyable and meaningful, the same goes for traveling. However, there are some important preparations to make before you set out that will indeed make for a great trip for you and your dog. 

Pack All the Right Stuff 

Part of having a successful trip with your furry friend is making sure you pack everything that will keep them safe and comfortable. This means bringing along their leash, collar, food and water bowls, toys, bedding and so forth. A lot of what you need to pack will depend on where you’re going and what activities you’ll be doing. For instance, if camping or hiking is your thing, your dog can help carry supplies by wearing a backpack. If you need to purchase a backpack, be sure to check out reviews so that you choose the best one for your’s and your dog’s needs.

Pick a Good Destination

You or your dog are not going to have a fun trip if you go somewhere that doesn’t have dog-friendly accommodations. First, decide on what general type of vacation you want. Then, do your research to find dog-friendly destinations; blogs and websites run by dog owners are great resources for this information. Things to look for in a destination might include dog parks, beaches that allow dogs, dog beaches, and dog-friendly restaurants. For example, going to a beach town that has several dog-friendly restaurants and offers plenty of room for your pup to play can make for an enjoyable trip for both of you. 

Stay in the Right Places

Once you’ve chosen a destination, you’ll need to find lodging that accommodates your canine. A simple internet search can give you options for pet-friendly hotels almost anywhere you go. If you already have a specific hotel in mind (or booked), call the hotel or look on their website for the pet policy. There are other types of lodging that work for dogs as well, such as RV parks, dog-friendly cottages, and so on. Even if you find the perfect place for you and your dog to stay, it’s important to respect others who are staying there. This means trying to keep your dog from barking too much, cleaning up after they potty outside, regularly wiping their paws, etc.

Prepare Your Pup for Travel

After you have everything booked, it’s time to get your dog ready for the trip. In addition to the items mentioned above, you’ll want to make sure you have a good travel carrier. Line the carrier with one of your dog’s blankets to provide them with some familiarity, and consider keeping them in it periodically for the couple weeks leading up to the trip. This will help them get used to the carrier and help keep their stress levels down while traveling. Also, prepare your pup by taking them on a few car rides. If you’re flying or taking a bus, consider letting them sniff around and see the airport terminal or bus station beforehand. 

Traveling can be better when your furry friend is with you. Be sure to pack everything you need for a safe and comfortable trip, and choose a destination with plenty of dog-friendly accommodations. Pick lodging that works for both of you, and take the necessary steps to get your pup ready for the traveling experience. If you put in the extra effort, your trip will be more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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