What Customers Are Saying!

"The treats are fresh and Louie (our golden retriever) loves them! I highly recommend this company to all of my dog-loving friends!!"

Amy Jo

"This company has the best dog treats! The dogs love them! The staff within the company is fabulous and the service is beyond excellent!"

Kathlyn A

"Gave these to my boyfriends mothers dogs and they’re very picky about what they eat. They loved them and begged for more! I love the fact that their made with natural food, nothing that a human wouldn’t eat."

Ondraea G

"Wonderful people to deal with and my Bailey girl loves her treats! You can’t go wrong! Give them a try."

Melinda W

"My dogs LOVE their fetch! Dog Treats and I feel good giving them to my dogs as I trust the owners of the company and the ingredients. Thanks for giving me peace of mind!"

Leanna J

"My really old dog loves these cookies. Watch your fingers!! I’ve eaten them too. Love the icing."

Laura D

"My dog Duke loves these treats and knowing they are made with the best ingredients..."

Renee T