Top 3 Benefits of Pumpkin for your Dog

So it turns out mom was right – again! There are definitely benefits that come from adding pumpkin to your dogs diet. Not only is pumpkin good for dogs, but our furry friends should be eating a proportionate amount on a more regular basis and here is why according to leading researchers and veterinary doctors:

Keeps Weight Off

We all love our dogs but we also know when they have become a tad bit overweight and need to lose a few pounds. Just like with us, an extra walk or run during the day might be in order, but there is also the diet side of things which needs to be addressed because a weight loss program that ignores the diet of your dog is a waste of everyone’s time. With that said, canned pumpkin (the unsweetened kind that is NOT used for pie filling) is a great addition that can help your pooch with their diet. You already know that monitoring your dog’s diet is important, and it becomes even more imperative when trying to maintain or improve their health. Simply adding a spoonful of canned pumpkin to your smaller dogs food, up to two spoonfuls for a large dog, is enough to start making a difference. The fiber in the pumpkin will make them feel full and satisfied, even though they may have eaten a smaller portion of what you typically feed them.

Better Digestive Health

Nobody likes to see their dog in distress and a constipated dog is an unhappy one. It’s painful and stressful to watch your pet become agitated because it is unable to relieve itself. Thanks to the digestive effects of pumpkin, you can kiss those days goodbye. High in fiber, pumpkin will make sure that your dogs digestive tract is in full working order. All you need to do is to add one or two tablespoons (again, depending on their size) of pureed pumpkin to your dogs meal and he or she will soon be ready to let the world know that they are just fine!

Promotes Healthy Skin and Coat

Happiness is having a dog in good health. And why not have some great fur to boot! It makes cuddle time that much better. If you want your dog to boast of great skin and fur then try and add pumpkin seeds to your dogs regular meal plan. The seeds are filled with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, just like the salmon oil that we use in all of our gourmet treats, and they can be served raw or lightly toasted. The flesh of the pumpkin is also full of much needed nutrients such as Potassium, Vitamin A, beta carotene and iron.

The best part about including pumpkin into your dog’s diet is that is doesn’t need to be expensive. It is worth the investment and you will be happy when your pet is happy.

We know that there were a lot of people who asked themselves ‘is pumpkin good for dogs’ at the start of this article. We hope to have answered you sufficiently.

Now that you know just how awesome pumpkin is for your dog, make sure you check out our shop and grab some delicious Scrumptious Pumpkin Dog Treats today!

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