We’ve done our best to answer and address the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) or concerns that we are approached with on a weekly basis. You can always reach out to us directly with any specific questions or requests at any time and we will do our best to respond promptly.

Are your treats safe for my dog?

  • We do our very best to ensure that every single ingredient that goes into our treats has been researched and verified as safe for your dog. We put extra time and effort into making sure that they are not only safe, but that they also provide benefits such as adding essential vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and allergen free options. Our products are registered with the Department of Agriculture, and have been independently tested at a 3rd party lab with a completed guaranteed analysis. Our treats are clearly labeled per Dept of Agriculture and AAFCO guidelines. We have gone above and beyond our industries labeling standards because we believe that your dog deserves the best and safest treats, from a trusted and reputable brand.

Are your treats soft?

  • Our treats have a variety of textures from soft and chewy, to a crispy biscuit. All of our peanut butter based treats have a texture similar to that of a graham cracker and are a favorite go-to for our furry customers with: small teeth, sensitive teeth, missing teeth or no teeth. Our grain free treats are a little bit crispier, almost like you would expect from a biscotti. New for 2019 is the first addition to our soft & chewy line: Pork & Apple Tenders are just what you would expect from a soft treat and are perfect for dogs of all ages, shapes, sizes and dental conditions.

Do I need to refrigerate your treats?

  • No. They are shelf stable for twelve to eighteen months from the date of production and are all clearly labeled with a 'Best By' date. Like a cracker, they may lose some of their quality and color over time, but there is no need to refrigerate for safety.

Are your treats gluten free?

  • We understand and appreciate the importance of offering gluten free products. The oat flour that we use is naturally gluten free. We are not Certified Gluten Free because the oat flour is not produced in a certified gluten free facility, however; it is produced in a separate location apart from where the gluten flour is processed. Our pumpkin and sweet potato puree is also gluten and GMO free and we have traditional grain-free options as well.

Where is your bakery?

  • Fetch! Gourmet Dog Treats, LLC currently produces product out of the Eastern HIlls Mall at 4545 Transit Rd Williamsville, NY. We are also regularly adding new Brand Partners that carry a variety of our fresh treats at any one time. You can find one close to you by using our Brand Partner Locator. We also attend different marketing events, trade shows and pet related expos throughout the year. We believe that the best way to get your dog the freshest treats possible is to 1) Order them online, 2) Support our Brand Partners 3) Visit us out and about.

Can my dog eat Peanut Butter?

  • Yes. Peanut butter is a great source of protein, vitamins and healthy fats (for you too!). We grind our own peanut butter so you can be sure that there is no added sugar, sodium, oil, or preservatives. Xylitol is starting to be found in more and more store bought PB brands. It is crucial that you read and understand the label on your pups food/treats/etc. Xylitol will kill your furry friend!

Do you make cat treats?

  • We tried. We failed. We decided to stay in our lane on this one.We do have some cat customers though, so there's that.

How do we find out what events to find you at?

Do you ship out of state?

  • Definitely. Our turn around on out of state orders will be about 3-5 business days, however; we have no control on actual shipping time once a package is left with the carrier.

Do you make dog safe cakes?

  • Yes, locally only. Must order and pick-up at our bakery in Williamsville, NY. We offer custom cakes, pupcakes and gift baskets. Call 716-249-0641 to order.

Any plans to expand?

  • We are growing! But slow and steady wins the race! Our main concern is continuing to provide the same high quality treats to all of our loyal customers. We do have plans. Stay tuned!

With so many options available, especially from small companies around town that offer more treats for less money, why should I buy from you?

  • You are right. It seems as though there is a never ending supply of options for locally homemade treats for your dog. At Fetch! we pride ourselves in quality vs. quantity. Every single cookie is hand made and decorated with the same love for your dog as we have for ours, and our biscuits adhere to the strictest production regulations in the country. We source our ingredients from the USA only and do our best to ensure they are all superb in quality, because if you wouldn’t eat it, why would you give it to your fur-baby?